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George & Beverly Rinck

by John F "Jack" Mann

photos from family history by John E Mann & Noel Mann

George Rinck (born 1930 in New Rochelle, NY) and Beverly Kramer (born 1932 in Staten Island, NY) grew up during the difficult and tumultuous 1930s and 1940s.

Father (Adolph Rinck) and mother (Krescenzia Seuffert) of George were each born in Germany during the early 1900s.

See "Frederick & Dorothy Kramer" for history of Beverly's parents.

George and Beverly Rinck, married at Moravian Church on Staten Island, October 21, 1951.

George served from 1951 to 1953 in the US Marines, based in Cherry Point, North Carolina.

Early on, George and Beverly moved to Marlboro, Massachusetts, west of Boston.

George worked for Fred S James insurance brokers in Boston, eventually rising to vice president.

Beverly has been painting professionally many years, from her own studio. She teaches art classes and has produced numerous paintings, including portraits, for a wide variety of customers.

George lived until just recently, witnessing a world of change during his lifetime. Obituary notice in Metro West Daily News is accessible online at the following link;

George Rinck

Beverly Rinck, demonstrating painting technique in 1998.

From article in "The Senior Advocate", October 8, 1998

Three of the Kramer sisters (left to right; Beverly Rinck, Dorothy Chase, Noel Mann) with husbands (Sydney Chase, George Rinck, John E "Jack" Mann) in 1988.